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Microvascular Decompression - Trigeminal Neuralgia

The microvascular decompression after Jannetta is one of the most successful pain procedures. The “Jannetta procedure” treats trigeminal neuralgia; a form of excruciating strong chronic facial pain. Causal is a „neurovascular conflict“ between one of the brain stem arteries and the trigeminal nerve.

Surgery separates the indenting artery from the nerve and places an interspacing material between artery and nerve (e.g. teflon felt). MRI Imaging can identify such a  neurovascular conflict. In dependance on general condition of the patient, prior treatments and risk profile additional treatment options exist (e.g. thermocoagulation, glycerol rhicolysis).

Keywords & Procedures
  • Mikrovascular Decompression, MVD, Jannetta procedure
  • Thermocoagulation
  • Glycerol rhizolysis
  • Drug therapy
  • MVD for patients with multiple sclerosis
  • Difference between atypical facial pain & trigeminal neuralgia